Narrowing the Digital Divide

We're on a mission. The United States is the richest nation in the world, but since the advent of the information age, the digital divide continues to widen. According to a Pew Research study on the digital divide in the United States:

  • Only 62% of low-income households (<$30,000) use the internet, while 90% of households with incomes greater than $50,000 do.
  • Only 49% of African American and 51% of Latino households have high-speed internet access at home, compared with 66% for Caucasianhouseholds.
  • Only 18% of teachers said their students had adequate internet access at home.

We see this problem as a combination of affordability, accessibility and availability. But these problems aren't without solutions. We seek to address all three. The promise of the Internet was to be the great equalizer; providing access to information and interconnecting us in a way and on a scale like never before seen in history. Our mission is to help fulfill that promise, one internet user at a time.