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The Other Side of the Digital Divide

While my son, Mike, and I live under differing circumstances, we both live on the far side of the Digital Divide, the barrier that can make internet access difficult to impossible. This is one of the prime motivations for us to create NetRango, our nonprofit response to the Digital Divide. Mike has started to tell his perspective of the NetRango story elsewhere in this blog. Here is mine.

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Uncertain times for the FCC's Lifeline Program

Earlier this month, regulators told nine companies they can't take part in the Lifeline broadband program just weeks after they were approved. The move, announced by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, is meant to promote program integrity by providing the FCC with additional time to consider measures that might be necessary to prevent further waste, fraud, and abuse in the Lifeline program. But what does that mean for households that depend on Lifeline?

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Introducing NetRango

We are pleased to welcome you to the NetRango Blog and the launch of the NetRango website. NetRango is a non-profit that seeks to narrow the digital divide by providing affordable, highly available wireless broadband internet access to the elderly, minorities, poor and underserved in rural and urban areas.

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